About Us

Adventure Palampur is a registered Tour & Travel Agency with Tourism Department of HP Government, India.

I, Sajender Singh Dhirwal, belong to a famous town called Palampur of Kangra Valley in Dhauladhar hills of Himachal Pradesh. I have a small group of friends, after having inspiration and encouragement from our mentor, guide we started to enjoy the nature and performing fun activities. We used to do Bodybuilding, Hiking, Jungle trek, Rock Climbing, Paragliding, Kayaking, Sailing, Rowing, Swimming, Fishing & Camping, Yoga & Pranayam, Target Shooting Practice with airguns & Archery etc. We used to climb on the Inner Mountain hills with our backpacks and cook food up there collecting dry woods from the jungle, near a water source. Sometimes we used to camp there for night halt in some suitable natural cave or else in tents with a bonfire for whole night. We also liked all water games/activities ( above said) a lot in Maharana Pratap Sagar lake, popularly know as Pong Dam. This lake is largest man made reservoir in Asia which is so big, almost 260 square KM and 42 KM in length, that Siberian Cranes in Russia gets signals out there. Every winters these birds fly from Siberia-Russia, flying higher above the Mount Everest and crossing the external Himalayan ranges they reach to Himachal Pradesh, India and Indians particularly himachali people welcome them.

The best part of swimming activity, we perform, is during summers in our local river tributaries where we know lot of local natural pools with a professional precision and local sense of danger assessment. Such interests led us all together to learn Disaster management activities and preparations needed for countering and survival. We learnt many survival techniques of disaster management and collected the equipment for any contingencies.

We started all these initially for fun sake and enjoyment which led us to generate interest and then knowledge but later we started looking for people who we could share all these thing with. We started going to the schools and educate and train them on Adventure sports and Disaster Management. The main idea was to share knowledge, create awareness and most importantly create interest among upcoming young generations. We have taken many school children so far for such activities and truly speaking, to our surprise, we found children so extremely enthusiastic for such activities as non interested ,in comparison, we found their parents and some teachers to be.

Now we want to increase our reach and I particularly want to extend my services to people outside Himachal Pradesh as well. As I have worked as software professional in many MNCs in Pune, Bangalore and Chandigarh, I have seen many young professionals interested and inclined towards adventure sports. I also believe disaster management is an area which need to be explored as subject to be taught to the school children so I would be reaching them too. Though everyone from this globe who are interested are also welcome.

PS * What ever activities we offer are not very difficult or very easy to perform, they are not highly professional activities. All the activities are of moderate standards meant especially for amateur, fun lovers, beginners and best for people on vacations. People with normal health can enjoy our activities that means you don’t need to be very healthy or absolutely fit for enjoying our services.