Rowing in Country Boat

Rowing is the most difficult part in water sports activity.

Rowing is difficult because it takes months for a team to coordinate and balance an international class rowing boat, it is unforgiving and punishes the team by collapsing all in to water so we prefer guests to have rowing experience in the country boat. Now guests should not think that rowing in country boat is an easy job, well it does not collapses but it expects greater strength in the one to go on a ride. My preference and experience says that the rowing in Country boat is second to sailing in Sail boat in thrilling an individual.

Those who never had a rural experience or whose parents or grand parents did not have a rural upbringing, they perhaps don’t know that still in many parts of India where people need to cross the rivers or river tributaries uses such country boats. In Himachal Pradesh it is locally called ‘Kishti’ and its docking place is called ‘Pattan’.

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