Hiking Hills

Sun basking at Dhauladhar heights (Himalayan Range)

Dhauladhar is an inner range of Himalayas locally which means white mountains.

This is our hiking destination point which is atleast 15 KM away from the town and needs 6-7 KM of Hiking. You need to cross small jungle of Pine Trees in between. On top you would find a natural source of sweet mineral water and a small ground to roam around. You can pitch your tents, cook food and enjoy pollution free moments breathing fresh mountain air. When you reach there you tend to think “what the heck are we doing there in our so called civilization”. This place is a virgin place and no tourist inflow you would find, due to which it is totally pollution free hill. When we visit there we make sure that all our non-consumables, if decompose-able, are buried properly so that it does not attract any hilly animal and if it is non decompose-able then it is brought back to our so called civilization for recycling. In any case we never allow anyone to pollute this place.

Breathing fresh mountain air while hike break
Never look behind boys, Up and on’s the way; Time enough to look back On some future day
Common Guys we are almost there


This is a Natural rock cave which is used to convert in to a Hut for hikers.

Cave Hut for night stay

Here I have a story to share.

Once up on a time 🙂 when we climbed this hill, we were little late to start in the morning, so we reached little late to this destination. It took couple of hours for the group of two to clean the hut, collect the wood and lift them to the hut, set the kitchen, set the bed for night, size the wood for need and place them inside of the hut for kitchen and outside of the hut for bonfire and animal scare. Only water had to be brought to the hut from almost 150 meters away down the hill. We lit a small bonfire outside the hut and went down to the water source for cleaning, face wash and fetching water. By that time we collected water sun said good bye to us and it was dark. Then we realized that we left our torches in the hut itself. But that was not a problem, actual problem started when the bonfire, we lit while coming for fetching water, also subdued and now we had no view of our hut at all . Now I started narrating stories of animals living on the mountain to my friend 🙂 , who was a first time hiker, unknowingly that my wife had already told him some scary animals stories one day before going for this expedition. Although our hut was only 150 meters away but visibility was only 3 meters and it was difficult to find our path. I told him that we can not see them but animals are watching us, now he was really scared 🙂 , even a small creepy sound of dry leaves beneath our feet was so scary during the course. Luckily we carried radio down with us which served as a deterring weapon, although all our safety weapons were also with us. Somehow using our natural instincts and intuitive directional senses, after a small climb, we found our hut and it was a great relief.

Dry Woods for survival
Sun Set from the hill top
Cooking Dinner inside Cave Hut before sleep
Sleeping bags are best friend in such expeditions
Good Morning Cofee with FM Hamirpur
Civilization Calling