Jungle Trek

The Jungle

The Jungle itself is very thrilling word which increases your curiosity for a visit.

Palampur has many areas full of Pine tree jungles. These jungles provide variety of animals and birds which add to their beauty. Many people are dependent on these jungles for their livelihood. Cutting a tree is a criminal offence in Himachal Pradesh. Trekking in Jungle is a fun activity for select kind of people. You need special skills for such treks. You should be skilled enough to understand the natural signs of and natural signals in the jungle. All your senses should be smart enough to work in coordination. Jungle trek is also a team work. Leader should be ahead and the guard should be in the end of the trek team. Leader creates the way from where the team passes through and the guard closes the gap with securing team from behind. 

Commencement of the trek
The Guard
Selection of the best trek
Defining Strategy
Rocky Hurdles
Helping Hand
Track Like Kids
Kid with The Leader
Point One Camp
Pine Tree Broza
Kids Job
I was a tree
Animal Hide – A Natural Cave
Human Trespassing Animal Hide
Coming Back From Deep Forest
Climb down rocky path
Finally Rest