Tandem Flight

Paragliding is the most thrilling eventĀ in our adventure sports activities.

One has to be physically well for paragliding. Not any one can go and fly by will, one has to be a pilot for solo event else you can go on Tandem flight. Tandem flight has one pilot and other copilot, although he does not have to do anything in flying other than enjoying. Tandem flight consists of two or three pilots. Glider is selected according to the weight of the pilot. There are different size gliders available for different weights. People wonder how gliders can fly for hours and above their jumping points. Gliders catch the hot air gap like a Kite, this action is called soar. Bir-Billing provides the best flight path in Asia and even the world cup Paragliding is conducted here where lot of foreigners from different countries participate. Indian teams also participate in team event and solo events. Those who are scared of heights, this is the best place to beat their fear. Pilots carry GPS, Walkie-Talkie, Variometer, Harness etc are helping equipment in Paragliding.

Launch Pad of Billing
Flight Equiptment
The TakeOff
The First Jump
The First TakeOff
Tandem Flight
Safe Landing
Landing Point At Bir