Still Water Rafting

Still Water Rafting is fun and quite technical event, It is advisable to go for still water rafting before one go for white water rafting like Shri Ganga Rafting.

People know only white water rafting as an event of rafting and Shri Ganga ji in Haridwar and Rishikesh are the destinations famous. I wonder to see the enthusiasm in people before rafting. Once they board on the raft and event begins they start screaming with fear on the rapids which shakes the rafts with speed and moves it up and down on the water. This is a time when peddlers forget that they have peddles in their hands and they need to use them, those who remain in little senses start peddling as and how they know and gets cramps all over their body. Now they start thinking ‘Oh God save us this time’ 🙂 Oh God !! 

This all happens because they did not have any idea what rafting is. They’ve just heard the name of rafting and go to the above said destinations and get stuck in the trap of the agents and the packages they offer. 

PS. It advisable for rafters to first learn and practice the rafting techniques in the still water rafting and only then go for the white water rafting anywhere in the world. White water rafting could prove to be fatal if you have not experienced the rafting techniques before.

Pumping Air in the Raft
Inflated Raft-Ready to Go
Lifting the Raft towards the Water
Get Set Go
Taking Directions
Joor Lagga k Hai Shaa
Changing your Sides